This picturesque village is extremely attractive to tourists. Poronin can serve as a jumping-off place from which you can explore the Tatra Mountains, Slovakia and Zakopane which lies approximately 6 kilometres away. Poronin is a popular holiday destination thanks to the numerous ski lifts, thermal swimming pools and the inhabitants who are strongly attached to their old customs and traditions.

In the village, there have been preserved some historic buildings, including the 19th century houses and farms, roadside shrines built in regional style, one of the oldest Podhale cemetery, and the church from the 19th century. Among famous Polish individuals who visited Poronin in the past, were: Jan Matejko, Leon Wyczółkowski, Jan Kasprowicz, Kazimierz Przerwa Tetmajer, Władysław Orkan, etc.

The villagers are highlanders who speak regional dialect. They are still strongly attached to the local traditions and customs connected with everyday duties and herding. In Poronin, there are also numerous galleries and artists’ workshops dedicated to local painting, sculpture, typical highland dress, furniture manufacture and regional sheep cheese production.

Regardless the season, everyone can enjoy the time in Poronin. In summer, one can hike the slopes of Galicowa Grapa (982 m) and Gubalowski range (921 m), or fish and rest beside the crystal-clear mountain streams. There is also possibility to go on a mountain biking excursion or visit the nearby high Tatra mountains. In winter, enthusiasts of the ‘white madness’ can enjoy skiing on the snowed slopes around Poronin, Małe Ciche, Bukowina Tatrzanska or Białka Tatrzańska.

In summer holiday time, one can take part in the annual festival ‘Poronin Summer’ or ‘Bear, Honey, and Beekeepers' Day’. There are also some workshops of the local artists’ glass painting, and photography. A big attraction is also a performance of regional bands ‘Mini Regle’ (children aged 3-8), ‘Małe Regle’ (children aged 10-15) and ‘Regle’ (teenagers).